Monday, October 11, 2010

Hadley Jane

Hadley's story:

We found out we were expecting triplets in April of 07. After a very complicated pregnancy I delivered a boy and two girls at 28 weeks gestation on October 9, 2007. All three of them were admitted to the NICU and we began our journey as the new parents of triplets. After two days in the NICU Hadley suffered a pulmonary hemorrhage. Her doctor came to my hospital room and asked that my husband and I come down to the NICU as she was having some difficulties. Being new to the NICU world we had no idea how serious things were until we were at her side. By the time we got to her she had already suffered another hemorrhage and the loss of blood was more than she could overcome. The doctors handed her to me and I held her as she passed. I remember knowing the moment she was gone. I felt her leave and knew the baby I was holding in my arms wasn't here anymore. I handed her to her Daddy and we just sobbed and sobbed as we said goodbye to our baby girl.

Losing Hadley has been the most awful thing I could ever imagine but she has given us the gift of understanding how truly fragile life is. I know I am a better parent because of her, she taught me to enjoy every moment with my children and I will be forever grateful for those few short days I had her in my life.