Thursday, January 21, 2010


A message to Angelito from her mommy...

Baby girl,

Even though we lost you before we could hold you, Mama will always remember the first time she heard your and Caridad's heartbeats. Angelito, you were only 6 weeks old and I will never forget that day.

The hardest day in my life was January 21, 2005 when the doctor only heard one heartbeat. You and Caridad were 13 weeks old in Mama's tummy. I saw the way Caridad looked in the ultrasound, even though all your internal organs had a long way to develop, at 13 weeks, your body would have been formed like Cary's and both of you would have been together.

Caridad knows about you, Mama told her you became very sick and went up to Heaven with the Angels.

You will always be in my heart and all I have of you and Caridad together is the ultrasound, I will cherish them for as long as I live.