Friday, February 5, 2010

Linking Loss Moms

I just read an amazing post on a loss mom's blog about how lonely it is to be a loss mom and how she wishes she could meet some of the amazing loss moms in the blog world in real life and then I read through many responses from other loss moms echoing the same. Although this was not my original intention for this blog I am wondering if this could be a place where we could connect in hopes of finding other loss moms nearby to share a cup of coffee with once in a while or an understanding visit.

So if you are interested in meeting other loss moms in your area you can comment on this post with the state you live in and then maybe from there people can try to connect and exchange more information in a not-so-public format?? I am thinking too maybe we should list if we have living children or not because I know that can make a difference to some in their support needs.

Thanks for the idea Kristin!